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  • CAIRpool CUBI dehumidifier

    CAIRpool CUBI dehumidifier

    Swimming Pool Dehumidification

    Dehumidification unit for swimming pool and wellness areas. CAIRpool is also well-suited to rooms where the air had a levels high humidity such as basements, wine cellars, library warehouses, drying rooms of all designs, museums, and more.

    • 3 units sizes with 450, 800 and 1200m³/h for swimming pool areas of 20, 50 and 80m².
    • Digital integrated controller (no additional installation effort) with a couple of features like program schedule for temperature and humidity.
    • Operation range from min.12°C-36°C, and optional incl. Defrost function min.5°C-36°C.
    • Wall mounting, stand free installation and also rear wall installation (rear wall inc. accessories like wall duct, sup/ret grill and in/out duct).
    • Easy cleaning access from the front of unit.