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  • ISYteq Controls for Air Handling Units

    ISYteq Controls for Air Handling Units

    Modular Air Handling Units

    ISYteq 4.0 is a complete, flexible and easy to use AHU control system. It offers a wide rangeof functionality to suit most applications and provides a high-quality control solution. And of course, the installed cost benefits of integrated controls. We can provide you with the ISYteq 4.0 control system for your FläktGroup eCO S/T, COM4plus, eQ Prime S/T and soon also CAIRplus air handling unit. The ISYteq 4.0 control system combines advanced technology with simple operation and commissioning. Thus, a maximum comfort and energy efficiency of your ventilation system can be ensured. ISYteq 4.0 by FläktGroup delivers benefits and unique functionality

    • Easyto use user interface
    • Tile layout simplifies navigation and operation
    • Adjustable flow chart 
    • Controlof associated fans, zones and water circuits
    • Automatic trend log, ready when you need the data