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Understanding the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive: A Guide to a Sustainable Future

Understand the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. See the role of Energy Monitoring and Building Management System (BMS) in sustainable buildings.

Knowing the EPBD, knowing the sustainable future   


What is the EPBD? What does it mean to me? All the answers are right here.   


We live in an ever expanding and changing world. Environmental factors are an extremely important part of our day to day lives. Our very breathing is dependent on our ability to breathe in pure, unadulterated air and that’s what the EPBD is all about. Clean air, clean solutions, clean environment. 


So, what is the EPBD you may well ask. The EPBD stands for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and is devoted to CO2 reductions from European buildings. 



What is the long-term goal of the EPBD? 


The EU established the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive all the way back in 2003. The goal; to incentivise widespread improvement of energy efficiency. A goal they continue to pursue with great ambition and as a matter of priority. It has since been regularly revised to align with EU goals throughout the years with an end goal of 2050 where there is hope that the EU’s building stock will commit to zero emissions. Something that we at FläktGroup aspire to achieve with each innovative new product and solution we design.  


We have this in mind not only for the benefit of our customers but for our air. Cleaner solutions require smarter design. 


EPBD requirements are ambitious and are holding companies to a high standard when it comes to cleaner solutions and rightly so. Around 40% of energy consumed in the EU is used in buildings alone and over a 1/3 of EU’s energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from buildings. That’s a lot and the requirements are needed. 



What are the EPBD updated requirements?  


There are several to look at, but some key ones are: 


  • All new residential and non-residential buildings to have zero on site emissions from fossil fuels by 2030. 
  • Publicly owned buildings are not exempt either with a target of 2028 in mind.  
  • To phase out fossil fuels in heating and cooling to completely phase-out of boilers powered by fossil fuels by 2040.  
  • Measures aimed at renovation of buildings a requirement to establish plans to decarbonize building stock.  
  • Energy Monitoring 


David Black, our Sales force solution developer, explains that: 


“FläktGroup’s full energy monitoring enables building owners and facility managers to see not only total electrical consumption of the fans but also the total energy recovery and power delivered to the heating and cooling coils. By measuring energy usage, it is possible to manage set points and hours of operation to reduce power consumption and reduce associated carbon emissions.” 


Ambitious but important aims and requirements here. Are the alarm bells ringing yet? Do not worry. We at FläktGroup are here to help. 



What should you, as a building owner, do now? 


So, it’s time for an upgrade. Improving your energy performance and energy monitoring to meet the EPBD standard is made simple with FläktGroup and need not be complex. We give an informed approach to the best product for you and FläktEdge may very well be the answer. 


The EPBD requires you to have some sort of building control either a building management system (BMS) or a building automation control system (BACS). Such systems are in place to improve air comfort, air quality and energy efficiency as part of the net zero-carbon targets. FläktEdge however has been developed as a better alternative to these systems that is perfectly suited to small and medium-sized buildings. It is designed to be the perfect building management system on the market. 


1200x1000 flaktedge interface.png


A single control system to integrate all building products under a sole umbrella in an easy and cost-effective way. Up to 80% of energy is saved when this system is implemented saving tens and thousands of your well-earned money. This money saved can be reinvested to make important changes to maintain your sustainable future. 


FläktEdge, the simple choice for a sustainable system. It’s that easy.