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  • FreeCool Multi-DENCO®

    FreeCool Multi-DENCO®

    Room Cooling

    Multi-DENCO® close control units with free cooling offer the most energy-efficient solution for air conditioning of server rooms, small data centres, laboratories, technical rooms, or archive rooms that have year-round cooling loads. The devices offer a high level of flexibility, variety, efficiency and are appealing due to their simple planning and installation (plug & play), since all necessary components are factory-installed in the delivery units, i.e., inside the indoor and outdoor devices.

    • Systems can operate with 100% free cooling and partial free cooling modes
    • Variable speed inverter compressors and electronic expansion valves (EEVs)
    • Electrically Commutated (EC) water pumps fitted in the indoor unit
    • Small footprint that matches the pure direct expansion range
    • Advanced controls package with 4.3" touchscreen provided as standard