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    Clean Room Building Elements

    Hinged doors, sliding doors, non-opening windows and transfer doors form a comprehensive built-in system and connect parts between individual rooms or spaces.

    • An automatic drop-down seal integrated into the door leaf enhances the air-tightness of a door
    • Being flush with sandwich wall partitions ensures easy maintenance and flawless disinfection
    • An interlock system equipped with signaling units prevents both doors in an airlock room from being opened simultaneously, effectively reducing the risk of contamination
    • Doors can be opened manually or automatically with automatic drive
    • Transfer doors are used as partitions of transfer boxes (passive or with filtered airflow)
    • Accessories available include automatic drives, door closers, mirrors, windows with sunblinds, windows made from float glass or safety glass (ESG, VSG), automatic drop-down seals, stainless-steel kick plates, electromechanical and electromagnetic locks, signaling panels (semaphore), and many more.