Introduction Fast facts
  • Best in class energy recovery offered as a separate wheel to fulfill customer´s expectations.

    • Econovent´s unique technology offers best in class performance  
    • Non-hygroscopic or sorption variants in combination with several foil spacing alternatives, will optimize your project
    • By far the lightest wheel offered in the market enabling safe and efficient installation and maintenance work
    • Eurovent, AHRI, Tüv Süd and ERP compliant

    • The Econovent is the original energy recovery wheel installed over the whole world, saving massive amount of energy for its owner
    • It´s unique mechanical design with thin foil (35/50micron) enables;
      undisputable quality and longevity
      market leading efficiency (by enhanced convection heat transfer through more surface)
      lowest offered pressure drops
      30-50% lighter wheel, which not just simplifies installation and maintenance, but also reduces wear on bearings/sealings resulting in increased longevity
    • The Econovent is delivered in non-hygroscopic or sorption execution
    • The sorption variant with its unique coating process provides the highest latent performance in the market
    • For corrosion protection, the Econovent is offered in epoxyor edge-reinforced treatment
    • Every single Econovent is mechanically pressure tested before dispatch to assure customer satisfaction
    • For project optimization 5 different foil spacings are offered
    • Diameters offered in steps of 1cm between 30cm and 250cm, and 5cm between 250cm and 500cm
    • Econovent is offered in one piece, or in segments
    • Bespoke solutions for the casing, rotor and accessories are available