Introduction Fast facts
  • Econet Premium is Fläkt Woods reliable and well proven intelligent run around coil recovery system with up to 80% heat recovery efficiency.

    • Safe system – no risk for transfer of bacteria or odour from exhaust to supply air
    • High heat recovery efficiency
    • Advanced frost protection for reliable and energy efficient operation also at low outdoor temperatures

    • No risk for cross contamination - increased safety as supply and extract does not mix
    • No need for extra heating and cooling coils - shorter air handling unit - more commercial area
    • The supply and the exhaust air units can be separated from each other - unbeaten flexility and space saving
    • Exceptionally low temperature requirement for hot water, allows the utilisation of alternative energy sources of thermal energy - low running costs
    • Cooling recovery - high annual energy efficiency
    • Freeze-proof system - high annual energy efficiency