DELBAG® MultiClean

Introduction Fast facts
  • Oil tight process air filter system in a application-specific selection of configurations

    • oil tight filter housing
    • fitted for filter elements, filter pads & hepa filters
    • multi stage filter configuration
    • engineered for high pressure applications

    • Air flow: 1,200 to max. 49,000 m³/h
    • Operation pressure: + 1000 Pa / - 2000 Pa - reinforced model: + 2000 Pa / - 5000 Pa
    • One to four-stage filter models, with regenerable or non-reusable filter elements
    • Enclosures: in powder coated standard steel or in stainless steel
    • Glanges in 610 / 610 Euro modular grid dimensions
    • Fittings (3/4") for removal of separated liquids, provided in standard models
    • Use of pressure-shock -resistant model as redundant final filter, downstream of dust-separation systems, with Pred up to 1.0 bar
    • Areas of application: separation of coarse, fine, and particulate dust, as well as oil and emulsion mist. For applications involving intake and exhaust air filtration.