Round Air Filters

Introduction Fast facts
  • When oil is used as cooling lubricant, submicron aerosols are produced in high concentrations. An efficient filtration system must be capable of reliably capturing these aerosols and of removing the separated oil from the flow of extracted air, before the oil can evaporate and re-enter the extracted air in a gaseous phase. Round air filters from DELBAG Air Filtration offer an ideal solutiuon here.

    • For cleaning intake air of internal-combustion motors, fans and compressors
    • Various structural designs, sizes, and filter media are available, depending on the purpose of use
    • The filter modules can be exactly tailored to their operational situations

    • Filter classes: G2, G4 and M5
    • Filter media: metal filter cartridges (HL high performance model), Fibroidelastic-20/Acelan, Fibroidelastov, Synthetic
    • Extras
    • Weather-protection hoods available