Multi Flair AIR HEATER

Introduction Fast facts
  • Compact unit with optimal performance with low ceiling height.

    • Stylish design for high requirements on the shape and form
    • Silent operation with low energy consumption
    • Multifunctional applications in trading, commercial and industrial

    • 3 sizes with up to 4 capacity stages
    • Heating capacity up to 30 kW
    • Cooling capacity up to 15 kW
    • Air volume flow rate up to 3800 m³/h
    • Stylish design for high requirements for architectural layout
    • Continuous EC-fan for low energy consumption as an option
    • Four-sided energy saving secondary air louver
    • Suspended from the ceiling as an option
    • Outside air supply through primary air connection from above even tight spaces
    • Supply voltage 230V~ and 400V~ for simple installation