FGAC 1015 - 2050 AD 1/2 (Inverter 44 -130 kW)

Introduction Fast facts
  • The Chiller products FGAC 1015 – 2050 AD 1/2 are equipped with an inverter controlled scroll compressor.

    • Modulating control with Inverter Scroll Compressor
    • Maximum efficiency in part load mode (SEER up to 4,5)
    • High planning reliability, as compliant with ErP 2021
    • Standard and SL units (super low noise) available
    • Partial heat recovery (optional)

  • Refrigeration circuit:

    • Version with 1 inverter scroll compressors and one on-off compressor (except unit size 1015)
    • Electronic expansion valve EEV
    • Plate heat exchanger as evaporator
    • Micro-Channel Heat Exchanger (MCHX)
    • Refrigerant R-410A 



     Optional built-in pumps:

    • Fixed speed or inverter pump with standard or increased discharge height
    • 1 or 2 water pumps for redundant operation with automatic switching over time or in the event of a fault
    • Manometer, Safety valve, Expansion vessel

    Optional built-in buffer tank for units with pumps

    • buffer tank 90 L, 140 L or 200 L depending on the unit size
    • Water filter and flow monitor available as accessories


    Control & regulation:

    • Unit main switch
    • Safety devices for all electrical loads
    • Autoadaptive microprocessor control
    • Water outlet control as default
    • Automatic self-diagnosis
    • Alphanumeric display
    • Select from multiple languages
    • Readout of fault messages
    • Remote on / off contact
    • Collective fault signal
    • Control of on-site pump for units without integrated pumps
    • Demand limit contact (optional)
    • 2nd setpoint contact (optional)
    • Shifting setpoint 4-20 mA input (optional)
    • Compressor operating signal (optional)



    • Guide / follow-up with up to 5 units in a hydraulic circuit
    • Connection to the building control system via Modbus, LonWorks and BACnet possible
    • Connect an additional remote control
    • Many other extensive accessories available



    Cooling operation from +2° C * to +47° C Air intake temperature (standard)

    Cooling operation from -10 °C* to +47° C Air intake temperature (optional)

    Cooling operation from -20 °C* to +47° C Air intake temperature (optional)

    Water outlet temperatures from -10 °C to +18 °C depending on selection


    * Partly dependent on the selected accessories