HeaMo GEO – REG 050-415 AD 42(.ST)

Introduction Fast facts
  • The HeaMo device (HeaMo stands for heat in motion) uses the heat generated during cooling to control the hot water demand of the building. Depending on the cooling and heating load in the building, the output and the temperatures of the cold and hot water system can be individually controlled. The greatest possible efficiency is achieved when cooling and heat energy must be provided at the same time in a balanced manner. This ensures that no refrigeration or heat energy is emitted to the environment unused. But the pure cold or hot water operation is also possible with HeaMo without problems.

    • Device with 3-way valve for the geothermal circuit, optionally as a 2-way valve design
    • Optionally, the sound power level can be reduced by 4 dB (A) for devices with 2 scroll compressors and by 10 dB (A) for devices with 4 scroll compressors
    • Autoadaptive microprocessor control
    • Controller type: HVAC Systems-Step II
    • Device main switch
    • Safety devices for all electrical loads
    • GLT connection via optional interface
    • Extensive accessories