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Runner up for 'Innovation Award' UK

Fläkt Woods Wins Runner Up at the MAKE UK Innovation Award


Fläkt Woods Limited, which is based in Colchester in the UK, not only made it to the finals of the prestigious MAKE UK National awards Gala event (held Wednesday night, 29 January 2020, in the heart of London), we won the runner-up award in the Innovation category.  This achievement was the result of long term and very focused effort by our cross-functional development team which had excellence as its goal.


Make UK National Awards Gala event, East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf January 2020.


The award bid was based on our energy efficient JMv fan and our HT Fan and VSD packaged solution which is fully certified to EN12101-3:2015.


As our JMv fan is now 18.4% more efficient than previous offerings, it reduces day-to-day running costs by 27%. Not only that, the development process had innovation written into its DNA, as cutting edge CFD, FEA and 3D scanning development tools were used to optimise the design before physical components were tested within our on-site development laboratory. 3D printing was also used to refine some aspects of the design.


Since this product was launched, back in 2015, the company has reduced the amount of Aluminium used within our impeller parts by 7 tonnes, which is enough to make half a million drink cans. While the carbon footprint of all the fans sold so far, will over their operational life, save 240,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This is the same amount of greenhouse gas emitted by an aeroplane, if it were to fly 4000 times around the planet. Alternatively, we would need to plant around 200,000 trees, covering an area of forest equivalent to 115 football pitches, to absorb this amount of carbon dioxide.


 Infographic detailing benefits of the Flakt Woods JMv fan


Although the JMv fan is unquestionably very efficient, it has also been designed as a dual mode fan which can be used to extract high temperature smoke during a fire. To enhance our fire safety offering further, Fläkt Woods worked closely with Danfoss Drives to create the first EN12101-3:2015 fully certified High Temperature smoke extract fan and Variable speed drive range in the UK. It offers Installers, Consultants and end users many practical advantages, as well as providing something very precious and some peace of mind, as our product is backed by third-party certification. The certification confirms that our package solution is a very robust and reliable fire safety solution. Quite simply, our product is designed to Save Lives, Save Energy and ultimately contribute to Saving the Planet!


JMv axial fan with Danfoss VSD


For more details of our award winning product range please visit our website:


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