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In August, this year, we welcomed more than forty Consultants, Customers and Fire Safety Specialists to a smoke test for the first jet fan car park system in the Russian Federation.


The project was a four-story underground parking facility, totalling 40,000sqm, in Kazan city centre; the capital of the Republic of Tartarstan.


For the first time, a ductless car park ventilation system has been installed, carrying out day to day ventilation and emergency smoke extract, combined in a one fully reversible system.


Historically, the Russian ventilation norms for underground parking strictly dictated the use of ducts for general ventilation, with extraction from both top and below (50/50 air volume), and fire safety insulated ducts with dampers placed under the ceiling.


Based on FläktGroup’s world wide experience in this area, FläktGroup Russia decided to try to develop and introduce a Jet fan system for the local market. With support from FläktGroup Poland, who had extensive experience in this field (and had championed the jet fan system in their local market), FläktGroup Russia set about changing their market.


For over 2 years; seminars, webinars and conferences were held, advertising campaigns were run and technical articles published. One webinar alone reached about 650 listeners from 120 cities and 12 countries! Visits were organised to Poland with key experts from the Ministry of Construction Industry and Fire Authority Organization to inspect previous FläktGroup projects and Jet fan systems were demonstrated.


The value proposition for stakeholders (investors, consultants, developers, contractors) was clear. End-users can significantly reduce running costs through low energy consumption and/or save space in plant rooms. Developers decrease the volume of concrete, making the height of ceilings lower through absent ducts, and saves time and money on equipment installation. Consultancies need strong and professional technical support, quality product selection, layouts and calculations.


All of this finally resulted in the development, approval and publication the first official document as a new norm and technical standard for “Design, installation and maintenance of jet fan system for underground parking”.


We can now say with confidence that FläktGroup is a true pioneer on the Russian market of jet fan systems.


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