DELBAG Air Filtration achieved significant energy savings through intelligent filtration


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The Ruhr valley is seat to a vast number of key industries, including producers of premium microchip products. Manufacturing microelectronic is by far the most prominent driving force for meeting future requirements in air filtration. The long experience of DELBAG Air Filtration’s R&D engineers are well is positioning them well prepared to meet these tough challenges. The so-called Mini environments need be virtually completely dust free. Martin Klouda, head of DELBAG Air Filtrations’ R&D team says, “Our filtration and clean room solutions offer an wide choice of components that are both ideal solutions for clean room as well as process filtration applications.”


Smart Air Filtration Saves Energy


A renowned producer of wafers who has its headquarter in the Ruhr metropolitan area has clearly discerned that there is great energy saving potentials in optimized configuration and fine-tuned usage of air treatment systems. Intensive advisory discussions between specialist of the facility management on site and the team of DELBAG Air Filtration made it evident that any savings may not be at the expense of the air quality itself. A 100% air quality is the most critical production factor for microchip and wafer production.


A possible switch of air filters was an option only if the new filter products were to insure the same air quality as the incumbent solution. Trusting DELBAG Air Filtration’s prime quality, a total of 68 conventional F7 bag filters were replaced by DELBAG MultiSack N85 made of NanoWave® fibers, as well as 75 conventional compact filters. DELBAG MultiForm 85 Premium compact filters, made of high-grade micro glass paper, replaced the latter. The modification saved an average of 740 kW/h of energy consumption annually for each single filter in the system.


For the entire air treatment system, consisting of 150 filter units, the gross saving through the optimized filter selection summed up to an annual energy saving of 100,000 kW/h. Besides having an impeccable energy scorecard, DELBAG air filters’ large dust loading capacities, in turn also extended the filter service intervals. The change consequently not only reduced the energy costs, but also the service and disposal expenses.


Technical head of the microchip producer says, “We are very content with the cooperation of DELBAG Air Filtration. They gave us a customized solution that works perfect on our central air treatment system.”