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eCO Side Air Handling Unit

Complementing the top performing AHU range from FläktGroup


As part of the complete selection of FläktGroup Air Handling Units, ranging from 360-108 000 m3/h (0,1-30 m3/s), FläktGroup has recently launched the latest advancement in the new compact range of Air Handling Units – the eCO Side. Together with the already existing eCO Top top connected compact unit, the eCO Side completes the range for “Light Commercial installations” fulfilling hygienic standards (VDI 6022) and offered with fast delivery time – increasing the success of this range!


With an air flow from 360-2880 m3/h (0,1 – 0,8 m3/s), F7 / ePM1 [50%] bag filters and up to 85% energy recovery eCO Side and eCO Top offer low SFP values and low Life Cycle Costs.


“Easy” has been the proverb used during the development of the eCO Side and eCO Top range;

  • Easy to order
  • Easy to place
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to Install
  • …and Easy to Commission


The unit is specially designed to fit through a 900 mm door opening, ready for a quick setup since its controls can be pre-configured before delivery and is offered with a very user-friendly HMI.


All ducts, pipes and cables are side-connected on a single side which provides the ultimate flexibility and minimises the footprint, making the eCO Side easy to install - even in narrow spaces.


eCO Side offers simple and flexible installation in buildings without mechanical rooms. This creates the possibility to free up valuable commercial space thanks to its compact design; area that can be utilized for commercial use and therefore maximising the opportunity for higher income for property owners.


With their discrete and aesthetic design and the low noise level (< 35 dB[A] at 3 m); eCO Side and eCO Top are perfect for installation in occupied spaces such as schools, commercial buildings and restaurants.


View the eCO SIDE


View the eCO TOP