The solution when hygiene & efficiency is at the top of the list of requirements

Hospital applications require clean air and sanitary environment. In response to this requirement we must ensure that our HVAC solutions & products are energy efficient and create a healthy indoor climate for patients, staff and visitors. Cleaning time should be minimised, space should be used effectively and the product must be resistant to dust in order that bacteria is not able to grow.


The Coil in this Chilled Beam has flexible hoses and locker so that it can easily be opened in order to vacuum clean. In addition the Coil is coated to achieve a smooth surface – so dust cannot stick to it.


Features of this product solution:


  • Available in sizes: 120,180,240 & 300
  • Pi- actuator as option
  • Flexibile nozzles system, resulting in wide airflow range, quick commissioning and ensuring that the WEGA II is going to the future proof solution.


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