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The eCO TOP & eCO SIDE - Top Performing Air Handling Unit from FläktGroup.

Now smarter than ever with new energy saving functionalities and fast & easy to installation.


FläktGroup are proud to introduce the updated version of the eCO TOP & eCO SIDE - compact range of Air Handling Units (0,1 - 0,8 m3/s) (360-2880 m3/h).


eCO TOP & eCO SIDE with ISYteq Cloud controls offers a superior Air Handling Unit management solution, which is reliable and provides sustained unit longevity for your ventilation system.


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ecotop ahu from flaktgroup


We have introduced a selection of smart options to the range. Starting with a City version that benefits from a second filter, filter class ISO PM1 80% filter (F9), to handle the toughest outdoor air situations. Our basic filter model uses bag filter class ISO PM1 55% (F7) for low pressure drop and high efficiency.


 energy recovery from flaktgroup


Optional Hygroscopic rotor within the unit to maintain optimum humidity levels and up to 85% energy performance. Or Counter flow plate heat exchanger, with advanced frost protection and up to 83% energy recovery ensures the best heat recovery wherever you are located. eCO TOP & eCO SIDE offers low SFP values, low Life Cycle Costs and remote connectivity.


  • eCO Top & eCO Side with modern integrated control – high performing, silent and aesthetic design with white painted finish suitable for modern indoor spaces.
  • eCO Top & eCO Side comes in sizes for air flows up to 2880 m³/h (0,8 m³/s)
  • State-of-the-art energy performance fulfilling Eco Design, for ErP
  • Up to 85% energy recovery with rotary or 83% with counterflow plate heat exchanger
  • Hygiene certificated for ventilation according to VDI 6022
  • Quick commissioning via touch screen interface ISYteq Touch 7.1
  • City version with the option of a second filter
  • Cloud connected, get the full overview of the unit wherever you are


ISYteq controls for ahu from flaktgroup



New developed Control system

  • BACnet and Modbus
  • Webserver and ISYteq Cloud remote control
  • ISYteq Touch 7.1 handheld HMI
  • ISYteq Touch 2.1 room control HMI
  • Second Filter for City version
  • Choice of Plastic or Metallic Impeller