Introduction Fast facts
  • Modular all-rounder for big solutions and best in class of effiency and hygiene.

    • High performance solution with multiple-stage heat-recovery systems
    • 24-hour dehumidification in outdoor-air mixing mode
    • Internal MODbus communication with a webserver and energy monitoring
    • VDI2089 and Passive House PHI control strategy

    • Air flow range from 800 m3/h up to 36,000 m3/h
    • 13 sizes for minimized internal air flow speed and low internal pressure drops
    • 5 kg/h up to 228 kg/h dehumidification power
    • EUROVENT and RLT certified components and software solutions
    • Approved casing classification according to DIN EN 1886 as T2, TB2, L2, D2
    • Panel thickness 60 mm
    • 3 corrosion protection classes according to DIN EN ISO 12944 for drinking, salty and thermal water applications (C3/C4/C5)