Introduction Fast facts
  • Adjustable and flexible energy recovery system consisting of a slowly rotating wheel, providing easy control, high heat and humidity recovery and self-cleaning functionality.

    • Self-cleaning effect by countercurrent principle with rinsing zone if supply and extraction fans are installed at the suction side with respect to the wheel 
    • High heat and humidity recovery depending on the selected rotor 
    • Simple power control by speed control

    • Duo Ecorot arrangement is also possible 
    • Easily meets the Erp Eco Design Directives of 2016-2017 and 2018 
    • Installation: superposition or juxtaposition 
    • Max. flow rate 90,000 m³/h 
    • Yields up to 85% according to EN308 and for absorption rotors 82% humidity yield
    • Applications: tertiary sector 
    • Integration in: CAIRplus & COM4plus
    • Not suitable for hygienic applications or potentially contaminated exhaust air systems since the extract and supply air can get mixed in a very small degree (<1%) by use of the same exchange surface