Introduction Fast facts
  • Cross-counterflow plate heat exchanger optimzed for applications with low flow rates.

    • Direct heat exchange without intermediate medium
    • Recovered energy can be controlled through a bypass
    • Long service life & easy and flexible in use

    • Air flow: ECOPLATE PLUS = Max. 8,000 m³/h, ECOPLAT =Max. 2,250 m³/h
    • Yield: Approx. 85% according to EN308
    • Integration in: COM4mini, COM4plus, ATpicco, CAIRplus
    • The bypass valves must be equipped with a modulating actuator
    • The fresh air can be bypassed (freecooling and frost protection). For ECOTWIN the extract air is also bypassed (energy savings)
    • The fresh air bypass is necessary for applications with extract air with a relative humidity of >45%, at low outdoor temperatures and high efficiencies
    • No humidity recovery
    • Static exchanger, no moving parts (except for the bypass valves)
    • If there is no demand for heat recovery and in freecooling mode, the air side pressure drop across the recuperator and along the supply and extraction side almost equals 0 (energy savings)
    • Category I according to EN308