Compact ECO TOP & SIDE Casing approved for T2/TB2/L1(M)/D1(M)

We are very pleased to announce that, not only has our ECO TOP & SIDE casing achieved VDI 6022 Hygiene Standard but also has been approved for T2/TB2/L1(M)/D1(M).


This product is unique with it's aesthetic design, low sound levels, short delivery time, attractive price and both good hygiene and thermal certified properties.


About Compact AHU eCO TOP & eCO SIDE

  • Three eCO side & Top sizes for air flows up to 2880 m³/h
  • Rotary heat exchanger, up to 85% energy recovery
  • Either top or side connections of ducts, pipes and cable glands
  • Commissioning via touch screen interface ISYteq Touch 3.5
  • State of the art energy performance fulfilling ECO Design
  • VDI 6022 Certified for hygiene requirements for ventilation
  • For use in light commercial buildings like offices, schools and restaurants
  • Approved for T2 / TB2 / L1 (M) / D1 (M)
  • External design with white painted finish
  • Low Life Cycle Cost
  • Short delivery time
  • Low noise


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