Woods have unveiled its new JTv range of Jet Thrust fans for ventilation and smoke control in car parks.

Developed from its existing JMv line of high-efficiency and high-performance axial fans, both models in the JTv range – the high-thrust Slim Line and the more discrete and low-noise Low Profile – incorporate Woods’ innovative VCC (Vortex Creation Control) technology to enhance performance and efficiency.

Thanks to a more aerodynamic design, reduced tip gap clearance, single-stage guide vanes and a high efficiency impeller, the Woods’ JTv fans offer lower running costs, using up to 42 per cent less energy per year compared to their JMv models. Although the fans have a small diameter, they deliver 24% more thrust per fan, which means larger fires can be handled with fewer units, and smoke control is enhanced in difficult to ventilate areas. Savings on capital and installation costs can therefore be made, and less space is required. Other benefits include ease of installation, reduced noise levels and a smaller backup power supply requirement.

The JTv Low Profile fan can offer further savings on installation costs by reducing the required depth of excavation because it is shallower than the Slim Line, making it ideal for use on sites with restricted ceiling heights. In addition, it can decrease sound levels by up to 6dB to provide a more comfortable environment for building users.


Ross Dryden, Strategic Product Manager at Fläkt Woods says: “The needs of installers, building operators, contractors and end users are always changing. As a leading company in axial fan solutions for ventilation and fire safety, we strive to meet and exceed requirements, so that we can provide the best, most cost-effective and environmentally beneficial product for both initial installation and maintenance.

“The new range builds on the technology behind our market-leading JMv axial fans to address the impact of rising energy costs, the ever-increasing need for more efficient products with lower carbon footprint, and a growing emphasis on whole-life costing in construction projects.”

The easy-to-install and maintain Slim Line and Low Profile JTv fans form part of the Woods’ family of axial Jet Thrust fans for car park ventilation. Both are available in 315, 355 and 400mm diameters at F200, F300 and F400 high temperature specification for 50Hz and 60Hz 3-phase supply, with different colour paint finishes available as an optional extra