Innovation Honored SEMCO Awarded 2 of the 10 AHR Innovation Awards for 2016

NEUTON controlled chilled beam pump module and ASCENDANT active desiccant dehumidification system deliver the best indoor air quality and performance that maximize energy efficiency.


NEUTON controlled chilled beam pump module has been honored with the Innovation Award in the Plumbing category. NEUTON is the industry's only smart, plug-and-play proactive condensation control device for active chilled beams. This factory-built, pre-tested controlled chilled beam pump module package comes complete with a powered integrated direct digital controller, chilled and hot water connections, valves, variable-speed electronically commutated (EC) motor pumps, smart sensors, and other unique features. NEUTON allows a chilled beam system to be installed at a cost similar to more conventional systems while providing superior performance and energy efficiency.


In the category of Indoor Air Quality, ASCENDANT has taken the prize. ASCENDANT is a conventional cooling, active desiccant dehumidification system, performance optimized to deliver and control low dew point air while minimizing regeneration energy input in compliance with ASHRAE/AIA guidelines. Designed for hospitals, archival storage, and hotels, ASCENDANT delivers supply air humidity levels as low as 15 grains. Exhaust heat recovery is not needed, making it ideal for applications requiring 100-percent outdoor air. ASCENDANT delivers the best indoor air quality and performance, while maximizing energy efficiency.
Congrats to the SEMCO team for all of your hard work designing systems that precisely deliver the best indoor air quality and performance that maximize energy efficiency.


Read the full story at the ACHR News website and visit the SEMCO website for more information. 

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