Introduction Fast facts
  • Our standardized range of air handling units, offering 8 different sizes with air flows from 0.2 m3/s till 6 m3/s. This plug & play solution is packed with energy efficient components, integrated controls and offers energy recovery of up to 86% with an SFP lower than 1,5 kW/m3/s. Compact and functional – bringing installation and operating cost to a minimum.

    • Energy efficient components and integrated controls
    • Plug & Play installation
    • Short Delivery time

    • Available in 8 sizes
    • Air flow range: 0.2 – 6 m³/s
    • Compact design with supply and exhaust air in combined casing
    • High efficiency energy recovery system, SEMCO rotor and Recuterm counterflow plate heat exchanger
    • CentriFlow 3D – new energy efficient and silent impeller
    • High efficiency PM motors
    • Integeated heat pump – ReCooler HP
    • Integrated controls
    • BMS communication